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Studio Curtain
studio curtains

Studio Curtains

We understand the specific requirements that buyers of television studio backdrop curtains have:

The need for durable, long-lasting curtain materials

The need for a variety of colors and material surfaces

The need for functional and versatile backdrops—curtains that can be used flat OR with pleats on different centers as the need arises

The need for prompt shipment of curtains to meet production deadlines

The requirement to have no visible flaws in the curtain

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studio curtains

When equipping a new studio, it may be to your advantage to purchase your backdrops and the operating tracks for curtains from one supplier. We maintain a stock of basic studio curtain hardware and parts, as shown here.

studio curtains Specifications (PDF)
Studio Curtains are priced per job based on sizes and material options. To receive a quote call our customer service at 1.800.817.1204 or fill out our online quote tool.