About us Not all stage curtains are made the same.

  • We take care of the customer. The customer is our number one priority and the reason we exist as a company.
  • We take care of the company. We are dedicated to providing quality products and services. To do that sustainably we must operate profitably.
  • We take care of our people. We provide opportunities for our employees to fully develop their abilities and personal contribution to the company‚Äôs success.
  • We always deliver excellent value. All we do reflects excellent value as perceived by the customer.

Bruce Vann


Scott MacFadyen

Vice President

Gulf States Region

Denny Walker

Sales Manager


Anita Gillett

Sales Manager

Shades Dealer Sales

Josh Porterfield

Project Manager

Mid-Atlantic Region

Mike Miller

Sales Manager

Mid-Atlantic Replacements

Tammy Tharp

Plant Manager

Jon Perry

Sales Manager

Houston and South Texas

  1. 2020


    New Jersey

    LuXout opened a sales office in New Jersey.

  2. 2019



    Specialty Drapery retail and contract business sold and LuXout continues dramatic growth of a Manufacturing company of Stage Curtains, Security Rolls and Roller Shades.

  3. 2017



    LuXout opened office in Dallas, TX.

  4. 2013



    LuXout moves into current major manufacturing. LuXout opens Florida sales office.

  5. 2012


    LuXout Stage Curtains

    Specialty purchases LuXout Stage Curtains.

  6. 2011


    Specialty Drapery

    Specialty Drapery started with the acquisition of a drapery workroom.

  7. 2011


    Specialty Cleaners

    Specialty Cleaners opens for business.