Stage Design and Curtain Layouts

It's important to design a stage with adequate working room for stage presentations, plan good sight lines for the audience, and consider what is actually going to happen on the stage. It is not unusual to see an unconsidered stage layout and your stage curtains can make a huge difference to the layout. Some stages are designed like a "hole in the wall", with no working space, no way to cross from one side of the stage to another and with the side and rear curtains hanging directly in front of the walls of the stage.
Unfortunately, all too many stages contend with this kind of stage planning and work space. With stage curtains being a key part of the stage layout, we can drastically improve your stage design! To better understand what can be done for a school stage with inadequate working space, you first need to understand what adequate working space is. There are some "rules of thumb" sizing guidelines that can let us quickly design a usable stage.
View some typical stage curtain layouts.
Stage Curtain Layouts