Curtain Covers

While others supply bags with drawstring tops for use in covering and protecting curtains, we've designed something much better, Curtain Covers. These covers are made of reinforced vinyl-coated polyester and come in a variety of colors to complement the curtains being protected.

Our curtain covers are usually 5'0" (60") high and have the feature of being a wrap-around cover, not a bag. Bags are hard to pull up over a bundle of curtain, they have to be held with drawstring (a probable cause for wrinkling) and they hold dirt and trash in the bottom.

Our covers have sturdy posts sewn inside both ends so that the cover is held up by the posts. To use simply wrap the cover around the curtain, pull it snug, and hold it with the adjustable Velcro-brand straps we firmly sew onto the cover. No pulling and tugging is necessary. All covers are permanently flame-resistant, washable and tear-resistant. Plus, there is no dirt collecting at the bottom.

Please email us or call 1.800.817.1204 to receive pricing on our curtain covers.