Stage Curtains Weights

Ribbon Weights/Dumplings

Galvanized steel ribbon weights are a key differentiating component of our stage curtains. The alternatives are chain weights or lead weights in the bottoms of curtains. Chain is noisy and eventually tears the curtain. Chains also disrupt the pleats (folds) of the curtain so that they don’t hang as well and tend not to last as long. Lead weights are dangerous for humans (especially little humans) to be around.

To that end, we have invested in the only machine that can produce ribbon weights and dumplings in the USA.

Item Description Price/Yard
Ribbon Weights: RED105 25 to 100 yards $5.62
Ribbon Weights: RED105 100 to 500 yards $4.34
Ribbon Weights: RED105 500 to 900 yards $4.10
Ribbon Weights: RED105 900 to 1200 yards $4.05
Ribbon Weights: RED105 1200 to 2500 yards $3.89
Ribbon Weights: RED105 2500+ yards $3.73
Ribbon Weights/Dumplings are priced per job based on sizes and material options. To receive a quote call our customer service at 1.800.817.1204