The Security Roll is a flame retardant opaque fabric panel neatly secured above the door lite until released to create a visual barrier into the classroom.

Security Rolls have a maximum size of 34 inches wide by 86 inches tall.

It is actually a panel made from stage curtain velour with a Velcro strip at the top and a weighted hembar at the bottom. The panel is rolled up and secured with a second piece of Velcro. When the lockdown alarm is sent out, the teacher simply pulls the Velcro tab and the panel rolls down over the doorlite. The weighted hembar keeps it from swinging around.

For years, teachers have been keeping construction paper taped to the back of their classroom doors. After years of being stuck there, the tape loses its stickiness so it is not reliable when it is moved to cover the doorlites. Fire Marshals do not want combustible items like paper on the doors. Some doors have nothing on them so when the lockdown alarm is sent out, the teacher has to find the paper and tape to cover the doorlites. The paper stuck to the doors gets tattered and never looks good. The Security Roll looks neat, is secure, is the same in every room and instantly covers the doorlites.

Security Rolls are priced per job based on sizes and material options. To receive a quote call our customer service at 1.800.817.1204 or fill out our online quote tool.